6/9/2018 – Bigbury-on-Sea to South Milton Sands (3.7mls)

After a long break from walking the SW Coast Path, this week we borrowed our friend Paul’s holiday cottage in Thurlestone. We set off on a long circular walk which took us across to the River Avon Estuary Walk path at Stiddicombe Creek and then up the estuary to Bantham where we had a far too filling lunch at the well known Sloop Inn. (It was the following day that we went across to Bigbury-on-sea and Burgh Island to complete this section of the walk).

After lunch we managed to drag ourselves on to the SW Coast Path south towards Thurlestone but decided to carry on a bit further to South Milton Sands before turning inland back to Thurlestone, in all a total of about 10mls – a bit more than we had planned!

We suffered for it the next day, particularly Fiona as her knees were very painful and continued to be so through September and October until she found a physiotherapist who diagnosed the issue as being due to loss of oestrogen as a result of the menopause, breast cancer and last year’s hysterectomy causing loss of sponginess in her feet and hence all the referred pain over the last few years in hips and knees. So, with my prostate cancer operation at the end of October it’s fingers crossed that we both can start again in 2019 with a clean sheet!!

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